Project Description

University of Wollongong

As a partner of 40K Globe UOW students can take advantage of academic credit and funding opportunities. Previously, we’ve taken on students from a wide range of degree backgrounds including from Business, Arts, Engineering, and Science.

Academic Credit Opportunities

Subject Options:

COMM391 provides you an opportunity to integrate and apply your university knowledge in an industry context through a 16-day internship with a pre-selected Industry Partner arranged by the Business Internship team in the Faculty of Business. You can expect a lot more than mindless tasks, instead, you will be partnered with an organisation that will provide you with thought-provoking tasks that will help you gain valuable industry related experience and help you become ‘work-ready’. In addition, the application process will prepare you for job hunting post-graduation, by allowing you to make your resume more competitive and experiencing real interview questions.

Want to go on exchange with 40K? The India Immersion – Business Internship – 40K Globe program will provide students with an opportunity to immerse themselves not only in village life in rural India but as an international student within one of the University of Wollongong partnered institutions in Bangalore. The student/s will work closely with the offshore 40K Globe team in setting strategies for the sustainability of the Globe India immersion program and the business’ that it sets up within the villages around Bangalore.

For more information on the India Immersion Exchange program please contact

CRLP200/201: Career Ready Learning & Practice is a practical subject designed to help you focus on your career goals and develop your professional skills. This subject will help you gain further career direction and understand how to navigate the labour market to reach your career goals. You will gain essential workplace skills, as well some great experience to add to your resume.

“The CLRP subject has hands down been the most insightful and important subject I completed at UOW. The combination of on the job practical experience and meaningful subject content centred around the entire job searching and recruitment process opened a new world of opportunities for me to reflect on and consider. ” — Cameron Bailey UOW




Subject Criteria for Eligibility Faculties
CRLP200/201 Internships – Completed 72 credit points (including core subjects)
– WAM of 65
– Face to face interview
– All faculties
Professional Experience in Business
– Completed 72 credit points (including core subjects).

-WAM 65 +

-Demonstration of good reflective, critical analytical thinking and essay/ report writing skills

(Faculty of Business only)

– Faculty of Business

Academic Funding Opportunities

Grant Amount Criteria of Eligibility
New Colombo Plan $3000 – All students considered.

– Must be studying a subject as part of the Globe experience.

OS-Help Loan Maximum $7,764 – Australian Citizen

– Have at least one unit of study left to complete
– You have completed at least one year of study

– Max two times
– Have completed 48 credit points of study
– Have been approved by faculty and Office of Global Student Mobility

UOW Short Term Travel Grant $500 – All students considered (limited grants available)
– 200 word statement on financial need

Key Contacts



UOW Global Mobility 

40K Globe | (02) 9221 4030

Useful Links

COMM391 Information

CRLP200 Information

UOW Global Mobility Information

Next Steps

  1. Apply to 40K Globe
  2. If successful, you’ll be forwarded information on applying for academic credit and funding.