Project Description


Deakin University

As a partner of 40K Globe Deakin students can take advantage of academic credit and funding opportunities. Previously, we’ve taken on students from a wide range of degree backgrounds as well as those studying via distance and on-campus.

Academic Credit Opportunities

Subject Criteria for Eligibility Faculties
MIS390 – Business Internship

MWL303 Business Internship

MWL301 Team Internship (for returning Globers who are team leading)

MWL304 Advanced Business Internship

MWL201 Community Based Volunteering

APE202 Team Professional Project

AIS330 International Internship A

SLE225 Global Environmental Placement

 Must gain faculty approval via application form All Faculties

Academic Funding Opportunities

Grant Amount Criteria of Eligibility
Deakin Mobility Grant $2000 Australian Citizen

Undergraduate Student

Must be earning academic credit

July 2017 ONLY

New Colombo Plan $2000  Australian Citizen

Undergraduate Student

Must be earning academic credit

OS-Help Loan Maximum $7,764  Australian Citizen

Have at least one unit of study left to complete
You have completed at least on year of study

Have not received the OS-Help Loan before

Useful Links

Global Student Mobility at Deakin University –

OS-Help Loan Information

Campbell Jones 40K Globe Story

Key Contacts

Deakin Global Mobility – Katey O’Sullivan | | (02) 5227 8486

40K Globe | (02) 9221 4030

Next Steps

  1. Apply with Deakin Global Mobility –
  2. If successful, you’ll be forwarded information on applying for academic credit and funding.