Over the course of a 4-week immersion in an Indian village, you will learn about the complexities of poverty reduction and challenge your opinions about your role in global social change, all whilst scaling a multi-award winning Ed-Tech social enterprise – backed by Google, Atlassian and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 40K PLUS. .


We have learnt the key restrictions in a village environment by listening to people that we work with. The need we are addressing is the access to quality English education in village environments. We believe that there are 3 central restrictions in addressing this need; Lack of high quality English educators in rural communities, fluctuating electricity and little to no internet access. Our experience has shown that the reasons for this include:

  • Very few good, qualified teachers want to teach in villages: Roads are often poor, conditions are harder and remuneration is less than in the city. For prospective teachers who are raised in these villages, it is unlikely they will stay there.
  • Training teachers from rural community environments in a “the best you can” method does not create a quality outcome. To train a teacher properly, it requires a 15-year commitment (12 years of quality schooling and a degree). You cannot replicate this training in a village. As a business committed to creating long term sustainable solutions, this is not good enough. We are not a “do the best you can” organisation: we are committed to quality.


The 40K PLUS model is based on ‘PLUS Pods’. A PLUS Pod is a rented room in a village where children come for 75 minutes after school for an intense English Program. Each Pod can accommodate 50 children per village (over two sessions).

We train local women to take on the role of ‘Facilitator’ to act as motivators, supervisors and administrators.

The education content is delivered via an app on android tablets, developed by Team 40K. Learning is ability-based, not grade-based. Students take a placement test, and are placed in different levels, and progress at their own pace through the learning app.

The PLUS pod model is designed for financial sustainability. This is achieved by way of charging a fee of up to $2.50 per month (per child). These fees are designed to be affordable for the local community, whilst covering the operating costs of each of the PLUS pods (costs like rent and the facilitator’s salary). It’s important that the PLUS operating costs break even, as this will allow us in time to scale up our impact sustainably.

There are currently 49 PLUS pods operating across 49 villages, with over 1,850 children enrolled. We are expanding PLUS to a total of 60 pods in India, and 4 schools in Cambodia by the end of 2018 to reach another 1,200 children.

You learn more about 40K Plus at www.40kplus.com



The SCALE project is designed to challenge and develop your understanding of the role of social enterprise in addressing world problems, whilst at the same time tackling the challenge of scaling a social enterprise in a rural Indian context.

Using a combination of Human Centered Design and Lean Startup methodologies, you will work directly with our award-winning sister-organisation, 40K PLUS. This Ed-Tech afterschool education platform uses technology to provide primary-aged students living in rural India access to high-quality English education.

The SCALE projects will see you interning over your Globe month in a team of 6-8 others. Teams work together with their assigned village(s) to: Build empathy and awareness of the current village landscape Ideate solutions to the defined opportunities Explore alternate business model possibilities through which PLUS could be used in the village Communicate and collaborate with key community stakeholders Develop and test new potential business models or scaling solutions


The purpose of the Media project is to challenge your understanding of impact and influence by working with an award-winning social enterprise in rural India, 40K PLUS, to document and share its story.

The Media team plays a key role in documenting what is happening on the ground and allows you to engage with the rural villages that 40K works in. Your project will be part of a longitudinal micro-documentary series which captures the visible learning outcomes of 40K PLUS students, in order to see and measure the change that PLUS has on their lives. In addition, you will create marketing materials that stretch your thinking on how to tell powerful, compelling and authentic stories to different audiences.

In a team of 6-8 others, the Media project will see you: Engage with 2 new villages and identify students to include in the microdocumentary series. Re-engage with and build rapport with current 40K PLUS students. Scope, storyboard, shoot, edit and pitch 4 x micro-documentaries AND 2 x marketing or educational short videos that will test your skills in crafting narratives and materials with different purposes!



This is your chance to be a part of a live development cycle for the award-winning edtech social enterprise 40K PLUS. At the same time you will be challenged to question your role and understanding of social impact, and the role of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in solving global challenges.

Using a combination of Human Centred Design and Agile Project Management tools, you will be part of improving the development roadmap of the 40K PLUS curriculum. 40K PLUS is an after-school education platform that utilises tablet technology to provide primary-aged students living in rural India access to high-quality English education.

On the Tech Sprint project, you will be interning over your Globe month in a team of 6-8 others to: Observe and understand the platform in action Identify an opportunity and design a solution to this opportunity Test and iterate the need and design with key stakeholders Plan and implement the new feature See your new feature in action!


The Educate project is designed to challenge and develop your ideas about education in restricted environments and the role of social enterprises in addressing systemic disadvantage. At the same time, you will be fully contributing to the learning outcomes of students enrolled in the award-winning ED-Tech enterprise, 40K PLUS, in rural India.

40K PLUS is an after-school education platform that utilises technology and local facilitators to provide primary-aged students living in rural India access to high-quality English education. In the Educate project, teams will work on a challenge related to either learning interventions, facilitator training, program content or ESL capabilities of the enterprise.

In a team of 6-8, you will: Observe and analyse your team’s challenge from a student, community and enterprise perspective Scope, develop and test an intervention or program within a pilot pod Develop and pitch (or even deliver!) a strategy to scale the intervention to a cluster of pods or the online platform


40K Globe is a transformative experience and by the end of the program you will have:

  1. Developed skills in communications, adaptability and teamwork.
  2. Learnt new frameworks for problem-solving and brainstorming solutions to overcoming challenges.
  3. Learnt different practical social enterprise skills around procurement, customer empathy, marketing and sales, event planning, and human resourcing.
  4. Learnt cross-cultural communication skills and become more culturally intelligent.
  5. Become more aware of your role in creating social impact.
  6. Made some life-long friends!


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