Every day is different on Globe. You can expect daily morning meetings, working with your team (and others) to execute your project, traveling through the local area and working with local stakeholders.  

Amongst these projects, there are additional team activities and reflections organised to challenge your assumptions and the way you think about social impact whilst of course having fun along the way!

The weekends you’ll have free to explore all that Bangalore (and India) has to offer (hint: curry, chai, cows, and colour).


The internship is based in rural villages surrounding Bangalore, India.

Bangalore is located in the southern state of Karnataka and is the IT capital of India. Bangalore is a bustling, thriving, metropolitan city. On the program, you’ll be spending your time in the rural villages that surround it – a huge contrast to what is India’s most modern and progressive city.

The villages are typically 1-2 hours (by public transport) outside of the city and are regularly serviced by buses, taxis and auto-rickshaws.


Every Globe month is different due to the uniqueness of each of the villages you’ll be working within. However, the program is structured as follows over four weeks:

India induction – Meet the India impact staff, learn more about your project and bond with your team. 

Project work – This varies day to day based on the project you’ll be working on. Globe is all about autonomy and initiative so your day is up to you and your team.

Scav hunt – A personal favourite of ours! Spend the first day of the first weekend exploring Bangalore city in our epic scavenger hunt (costumes encouraged).

Long weekend – 3 days of pure bliss! Escape Bangalore and see more of India. We suggest Hampi, Goa or get that perfect snap with the Taj. All travel is self-arranged and not included in the program fee. 

Holi Fight – Tell the rest of your cohort about the incredible work you’ve completed over your Globe month and challenge them and our incredible impact staff to a traditional holi fight!

Final Dinner – Finish your final night on the program by sharing a meal, drink and dance with all your fellow Globers. It’s time to get dressed up in your Sari or Lungi and celebrate the month that was.

Other events that may occur through the month include Bollywood dance lessons, yoga, and other cultural activities of your choice.


Travelling to a new country outside of your own always exposes you to new risks. In general, Bangalore and the villages we work in are safe and friendly. The food is also great, but be prepared for the occasional stomach rumble over the course of your month in India. Our leadership team are trained to mitigate safety and health concerns and we also subscribe to ISOS which provides us with access to world-class medical advice and facilities in minimal time.

Drinking Water

That common question “Is this water safe to drink?” While on the Globe program filtered water for drinking is available to you on all project days.


Even though you’ll be working in a rural Indian village you’ll have access to mobile phone reception to work on your project, get in touch with your team out in the field and your family and friends back home. Local SIM cards are readily available for purchase in Bangalore.

Getting around

Bus transportion is covered by your program fee for when you are travelling as a group. Otherwise, you will be able to access local transport, such as auto-rickshaws, Uber, taxis or the old-fashioned method of walking. 40K owns vehicles for important events and emergencies which will be utilised by the leadership team.

Bangalore Interns

40K Globe has partnered with a number of universities in Bangalore city to have students attend the same internship you’ll be on. These interns have a wide range of expertise in navigating India and it’s many languages. They are a vital component to your team in projecting your project forward!


You will stay in basic but comfortable group accommodation near the village that you will be working with. You will stay with up to five other teams of students in these group accommodation facilities.

Typical housing on Globe consists of dorm-style bunk bed accommodation. Bedrooms are single gender to abide by local customs and may have up to 4-8 Beds in them.


Indian food, yum! Whilst on Globe you’ll have the opportunity to indulge in a number of Southern Indian dishes that will have you salivating and wanting more by the end of your trip.

Throughout the program, breakfast and dinner is provided for you and your teams. Breakfast is traditional Indian specialties such as Idli, Dosa, vada, fresh fruits and chai! Continental options will also be available to you such as cereal and toast; however we most certainly encourage you to try all of the Indian breakfast dishes, especially our favorite Bagalur Lemon Rice!.

For dinner, you will be served basic south Indian meals. You can expect to be eating rice, chapatti (a flat bread), sambar (a simple, lentil and vegetable based curry), dosa, biryani and a variety of other South Indian specialties.

It’s important to note that lunch is not provided in your program fee. Teams are often out and about in the field during the day working on their impact projects, this means you’ll have an opportunity to engage with the local community and purchase some new food to try (budget $1 -$3 per lunch).  We suggest trying the local thali plates or egg puffs. 

Dietary requirements? If you’re vegetarian, vegan or have an intolerance or allergy we’ll be able to easily help prepare meals to suit you. You’ll have an opportunity to tell us about these requirements before you leave.


We’re an eclectic group at 40K. We’re passionate, driven and fun-loving individuals who make an incredible family. After your Globe experience you may not want to say good-bye so there are a number of ways you can engage after your return:

  • Leadership program – go through our transformative leadership program and lead a team of young Australians on a development project in rural India.
  • Alumni events – local events will take place over the course of the year. Keep an eye out for updates on all our social media!
  • Graduate job opportunities – we’re linked to a number of graduate recruiters who know that Globers make the best employees. If you’re a recent grad and Globe Alumni please reach out to us theansers@40k.com.au to find out more.
  • Internship opportunities – we have occasional internship roles that come up in our Sydney and Melbourne offices, check in with us regularly to find out about the latest opportunities!
  • Past Glober? Join our Facebook Alumni group and LinkedIn Alumni Group


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